Tips to Avoid any Eye Injury This Diwali

It is again that time of the year again the festival of light is around. The colorful fireworks, the rangolis, the diyas is indeed a sight to behold. Unfortunately, this wonderful sight is what we often take for granted and by indulging in harmful practices, we run the risk of damaging the very organs that enable us to the beauty of life. Therefore, Drishti Eye is here to guide you

Amblyopia or Lazy Eye in Children: Symptoms and Treatment

Amblyopia or more commonly known as lazy eye is one of the most common eye deficit in children. This disease affects about one in every thirty children in India. This results of this visual dysfunction the individual will have reduced eyesight in one eye compared to the other, even with best correction. Effects of lazy eye: Deficiency in depth perception Deficiencies in visually directed motor skills Bad eye-hand coordination Bad visual-spatial judgment We

How to know its time for the Cataract Surgery !

A cataract is a cloudy and dense film that forms in the lens of the eye. A cataract begins when proteins in the eye grow together closely that prevent the lens from sending clear images to the retina. The retina works by converting the light that comes through the lens into signals. It sends the signals to the optic nerve, which carries them to the brain. Thus in the case